Rescuing girls from Sex Slavery is no new concept for the public. Yet when I heard about it from the perspective of CNN’s Ebonne Ruffins, I had to educate myself more about it and get involved from a greater standpoint. One that would help to bring exposure to what thousands of young girls are going through all over the world in general and in third world countries such as India in particular.

Below you will find a very informative link that expalins in great detail what these young girls are facing and how you can get involved to help.

As an ode to the young woman in India who are faced with insurmontable problems as a result of being ingulfed in such horrific circumstances, myself and the woman of the TCC International group have applied symbolic henna courtesy of The Excellence Salon to shed light on this issue. Henna, is traditionally applied to woman who are preparing to get married or who have become enagaged. The girls who have been forced into Sex Slavery do not get the chance to realize their dream of a healthy marriage. Lets bind together and help to shed light on Sex Slavery and learn about what we all can do to help the cause.

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